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The LCRI Convergence Energy Programme offers free support for industry in Wales to help develop Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and Equality and Diversity (E&D) strategies. This can improve your corporate image, make financial savings and increase your compliance with legislation.

What support is available?

Environmental Management Systems

  • Implentation of ISO 14001/Green Dragon Standard/BS8555
  • Carbon Footprints
  • Help with improving an existing EMS (such as setting this year’s targets)
  • Resource efficiency advice
  • Baseline review
  • Waste hierarchy
  • Conducting Internal audit
  • Assistance with third party audit
  • Site waste management plans

Equality and Diversity

  • Development of Equality & Diversity Strategy
  • Baseline Equality review & Impact Assessment
  • Advice for developing Action Plans
  • Implementation & monitoring support
  • Help with the Equalities Act 2010

Further guidance is also available for:

  • Training recommendations for E&D
  • Workshop sessions
  • Signposting to appropriate guidance organisations for skills enhancement and inclusion of under-represented groups

How will this help my business?

An Environmental Management System (EMS)

  • Provides your business with a formalised continuous environmental improvement programme
  • Reduces legal liability/risk
  • Can significantly reduce your operational costs, often through adoption of no cost/ low cost options
  • Improve corporate image in an ever-increasing competitive market
  • Enable you to demonstrate commitment to environmental improvement to your customers and supply chains

An Equality and Diversity (E&D) strategy:

  • Ensures Equality and Diversity is mainstreamed into all areas of the business
  • Ensures your workforce represents the community your business serves
  • Improves staff morale & productivity
  • Reduces staff turnover by improving the working environment
  • Can solve employment disputes before they escalate or even stop them occurring