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Solarwise Goes Green with the LCRI

Post date: February 10, 2014

Solarwise Goes Green with the LCRI

The Low Carbon Research Institute’s (LCRI) Environmental Sustainability Officer, Matthew Jones, works with companies within the Welsh Convergence areas, to help develop Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and Equality and Diversity (E&D) strategies. This allows businesses to improve their compliance with legislation, make financial savings, and improve their corporate image, all whilst reducing their environmental impacts.

One of the companies Matthew has been working with is Solarwise, based in Caerphilly. Solarwise is an energy efficiency survey and installation company for the domestic market. The company is currently adopting its business model to become both an Assessor and Installer under the Green Deal legislation, aimed at encouraging energy-efficient measures and the use of renewable energy technologies in domestic buildings. Solarwise employs 20 staff, as well as sub-contractors, and the company is currently in the process of expanding.

Solarwise was keen to work with the LCRI to implement a formal EMS and E&D system, which could be certified at a later date. Because of the nature of the services offered by Solarwise, the staff and management team are aware of the value of positive environmental policies within a working environment. They are keen to incorporate them within their working practices and internal structure.

An EMS system will expand upon their current environmental and energy-efficiency training. By looking at their waste and procurement practices through increased monitoring, the staff will be able to track their environmental impacts and help reduce them.

Having these measures in place as part of a formal EMS will allow the Company to apply for an external certification or badge of approval, which will in turn show customers that they practice what they preach.
Matthew Jones said “ By working with the LCRI, Solarwise will be able to build upon their current environmental practises, and implement changes that will allow them to monitor and reduce their carbon output and environmental impact, as well as saving them money.”


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