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Scenario Modelling Team head North and South

Post date: February 11, 2014

Scenario Modelling Team head North and South

This autumn saw the Low Carbon Research Institute’s (LCRI) Scenario Modelling team present their research at two workshops in north and south Wales, which attracted a total of over 70 delegates across the two days.

The workshops, entitled “Developing robust data and methodologies to secure investment and improve housing quality in Wales”, were held at the Bridgend Waterton Business Centre, and the Conwy Junction Business Centre on 14th and 15th October. The events were held in collaboration between the LCRI, the Welsh School of Architecture, and Welsh Government.

The events aimed to examine how the research produced by the Low Carbon Research Institute and Retrofit 2050 projects can be used to identify and target areas that would benefit from investments in the context of ECO and other retrofit schemes. They showcased some of the residential energy modelling tools developed by the LCRI teams, to key stakeholders from policy, housing and industry.

The event included presentations by LCRI the Scenario Modelling team. Professor Malcolm Eames discussed “Retrofit research at the Welsh School of Architecture”, Dr Aliki Georgakaki presented her research “Top down modelling of domestic retrofit potential for Wales”, and Simon Lannon’s talk was entitled “EPC data and its potential to deliver impact”.

The discussion session of the workshops focused on issues of data quality, modelling, and future research required to maximise investment in retrofit for communities in Wales.

Professor Malcolm Eames said “Given the increasing uncertainty over the future of green levies, it is vitally important that we maximise whatever investment is available to make much needed improvements to the Welsh Housing stock. Having access to the right data is critical to that task.

These events were an opportunity for the Scenario Modelling team to demonstrate the data and research we have produced to external stakeholders and policy makers who will be making decisions about future housing stock refits.”


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