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LCRI’s Hydrogen and other Alternative Fuel Vehicles Workshop

Post date: May 23, 2013

LCRI’s Hydrogen team held a Hydrogen and Alternative Fuel Vehicles Workshop on 25th April, at the Park Inn, Cardiff.

The workshop was delivered by the University of South Wales in conjunction with IMI Awards Wales (Institute of Motor Industry), and aimed to give practical insights into the issues associated with repairing and maintaining upcoming types of vehicles using alternative fuels, such as electric, natural gas and hydrogen. It also aimed to outline support from IMI and the LCRI available to businesses to further develop training in these areas and improve their environmental systems.

The event was opened by Alan MacKrill from IMI Awards, and speakers included Paul Fraser from Gateshead College, Trevor Fletcher from Hardstaff, Colin Williams from IMI, Matthew Jones the LCRI’s Environmental Sustainability Officer, as well as the LCRI’s Jon Maddy, from the University of South Wales. As well as describing the features of the various vehicle types, topics also included funding assistance and environmental and equal opportunities support.

The workshop included exhibitions by the speaker organisations, including the LCRI and University of South Wales, as well as several FE colleges.

LCRI’s Jon Maddy said “The event was a huge success, attracting over 100 delegates, from first year apprentices to senior management representatives. It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the research into hydrogen and alternative fuels for vehicles, as well as the overall work being done by the LCRI. The event gave the audience a practical insight into the vehicle types that they will be encountering in the immediate future.”


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