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LCRI Cutting Carbon with Plank Creative

Post date: June 5, 2014

LCRI Cutting Carbon with Plank Creative

LCRI’s Environmental Sustainability Officer, Matthew Jones, has recently been working with Plank Creative, a workshop operating business based in Pyle, Bridgend. The company is a recent start-up, established in December 2013, and employs 3 members of staff.

The family-owned business produces standard and bespoke timber products, including tables, chairs, mirrors, garden furniture, and storage and toy boxes from reclaimed wood. Plank Creative has recently expanded into wedding gifts and accessories, including place markers, signs and wedding decorations, also from reclaimed wood. It also produces items made from driftwood and has a wooden gift range, including pieces of art and sculptures.

The company collects old furniture, pallets and other sources of wood primarily from local businesses, which saves the material from being taken to a landfill site, as well as ensuring that their products are bespoke, and have a unique “rustic” feel.

Matthew has been working with Plank Creative to write a basic environmental management system, as well as assisting them to formalise their environmental credentials. This will enable them to demonstrate to potential customers that they practice internal eco-principles, both within their business systems and through the products they create.

Matthew says “Once again, this is a fantastic example of a company proactively engaging with best environment practices, and working to ensure that they have systems in place to reduce their waste, as well as cutting costs. Plank Creative’s business model uses recycled materials to produce high quality wooden products, and by working with myself to introduce an EMS system, they have taken the first steps towards achieving formal environmental credentials. “

Plank Creative said “We have received fantastic support and advice from Matthew at the LCRI. Matthew has helped us focus on gaining the environmental credentials that complement the very nature of our business. Our long term goal is to create a sustainable business through a green culture. The LCRI have assisted us all here at Plank Creative to put our best green foot forward, ensuring that our carbon footprint is kept as small as possible within all areas of the business”.


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