Large Scale Power Generation

Project Aims

  • Experimenting with combustion of gas mixtures at the Gas Turbine Research Centre (GTRC), Port Talbot, under simulated conditions
  • Examining the suitability of alternative & renewable gaseous fuels for power generation via gas turbines (GT)
  • Using gas mixtures from gasification & biological processes associated with sustainable energy technologies, from natural gas variations & industrial process gases
  • Enhancing the potential for these gases & enabling industry to cut costs & enhance supply security

Large scale power generation includes existing technology and infrastructure used to provide electricity in the UK. Current facilities use predominantly fossil fuel based technologies, such as coal and gas. The integration of these plants with renewable energy sources, such as biomass is a key challenge to achieve a stable transition to a low carbon economy. There are a number of technical issues that must first be resolved, in particular fuel flexibility, meeting future energy demand and system reliability.

This project, led by Cardiff University’s School of Engineering, will experiment with a range of alternative gaseous fuels and examine their suitability for use in gas turbines.

Research Areas

  • The design, manufacture & commissioning of the gas mixing facility and the generic swirl burner
  • Analysis of fuel mixtures & combustion experiments
  • Computational fluid dynamic modelling of the generic swirl burner
  • Design & installation of the swirl burner in the high pressure optical rig, & experiments at raised pressures & temperatures
  • Dissemination of the research to businesses & stakeholders
  • Carbon reduction and energy efficiency

Case Study: Menai Straits
The LSPG team has recently worked with Bluefield Caernarfon Ltd, to produce a feasibility study regarding a brownfield site in Caernarfon. The site has potential to be developed into a high speed data centre. It is close to a fibre optic highway, and the regeneration potential for the local area mak... (read more)
Case Study: Power Generation for a Low Carbon Future
The Large Scale Power Generation (LSPG) project within the LCRI has been investigating the technical challenges faced in the utilisation of alternative fuels in Gas Turbine (GT) systems. Governmental regulations for gas turbine emissions are becoming increasingly more stringent. The demand for ne... (read more)

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Key contact:

Yura Sevcenco
Gas Turbine Research Centre, Cardiff University

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