Free environmental support

The LCRI Convergence Energy Programme offers free support for industry in Wales to help develop Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and Equality and Diversity (E&D) strategies. This can improve your corporate image, make financial savings and increase your compliance with legislation.

What support is available?

Environmental Management Systems

  • Implentation of ISO 14001/Green Dragon Standard/BS8555
  • Carbon Footprints
  • Help with improving an existing EMS (such as setting this year's targets)
  • Resource efficiency advice
  • Baseline review
  • Waste hierarchy
  • Conducting Internal audit
  • Assistance with third party audit
  • Site waste management plans

Equality and Diversity

  • Development of Equality & Diversity Strategy
  • Baseline Equality review & Impact Assessment
  • Advice for developing Action Plans
  • Implementation & monitoring support
  • Help with the Equalities Act 2010

Further guidance is also available for:

  • Training recommendations for E&D
  • Workshop sessions
  • Signposting to appropriate guidance organisations for skills enhancement and inclusion of under-represented groups

How will this help my business?

An Environmental Management System (EMS)

  • Provides your business with a formalised continuous environmental improvement programme
  • Reduces legal liability/risk
  • Can significantly reduce your operational costs, often through adoption of no cost/ low cost options
  • Improve corporate image in an ever-increasing competitive market
  • Enable you to demonstrate commitment to environmental improvement to your customers and supply chains

An Equality and Diversity (E&D) strategy:

  • Ensures Equality and Diversity is mainstreamed into all areas of the business
  • Ensures your workforce represents the community your business serves
  • Improves staff morale & productivity
  • Reduces staff turnover by improving the working environment
  • Can solve employment disputes before they escalate or even stop them occurring

Case Study - Vintage Joinery

Vintage Joinery is an example of one of the businesses who have recently received support from the LCRI. They are based in South Wales and produce bespoke and purpose made joinery.

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Is my business eligible?

Your business is eligible for LCRI support if it's based within the yellow shaded Convergence Areas below.

Who do I speak to?

Matthew Jones
LCRI Environmental Sustainability Officer

Welsh School of Architecture
Cardiff University
Bute Building
King Edward VII Avenue
Cardiff CF10 3NB