Case Study

Knowledge Exchange Workshop – Three Cliffs Coffee Shop

LCRI Marine held a marine mammal identification and surveying training day in Swansea, to help inform the surrounding community of the local harbour porpoise population.

LCRI Marine’s Judith Oakley from Swansea Metropolitan University (SMU) held a knowledge exchange workshop in collaboration with the Three Cliffs Coffee Shop to raise awareness of the local porpoises.

Many customers and visitors to the area had previously asked questions to the shop staff regarding the harbour porpoise which can be observed from viewpoints near to the shop. The education and training day comprised of Judith providing a poster and presentation to inform the shop staff and participating visitors on all aspects of the local marine mammal population.

The benefits of the workshop have been immediately felt in the local community; the shop staff are now fully informed to answer any future questions and a local volunteer group has been formed. Harbour porpoise sightings are now reported either directly to the shop or via Judith, and are added to the SMU incidental records database which forms part of an important LCRI Marine environmental baseline research project.