Case Study

Milford Haven Port Authority

LCRI Marine studied the marine energy resource with Milford Haven Port Authority in Pembrokeshire, to help identify suitable sites for marine renewable energy projects.

LCRI Marine’s Iain Fairley from Swansea University working in collaboration with the Milford Haven Port Authority (MHPA) undertook a discussion about the wave energy climate off the Pembrokeshire Coast.

From the LCRI Marine research projects into this subject, Iain produced a report comparing the wave resources in south Wales to the wave climate in the south west of England. Through LCRI Marine’s GIS modelling capabilities, the report found that the wave resource off Pembrokeshire was comparable with that off the Cornish coastline.

A further collaboration project between LCRI Marine and MHPA is focusing on more detailed site locations and recommendations for further survey work to identify suitable sites for marine renewable energy deployment.