Case Study

Titan Environmental Surveys

LCRI Marine formed a knowledge exchange relationship with Titan Environmental Surveys in Bridgend, to help position them for future opportunities in the marine renewable energy supply chain.

LCRI Marine’s Paul Evans from Cardiff University working in collaboration with Titan Environmental Surveys undertook regular knowledge exchange discussions.

As part of the LCRI Marine programme, Paul facilitated discussions to explain how the marine renewable energy industry will require professional hydrographic services in the areas of data acquisition, analysis and interpretation. Through the LCRI research projects and Titan’s applied work, best practice and innovation was disseminated to mutual advantage.

Titan’s Joanna Ibrahim subsequently gave a presentation to over 100 delegates from academia, government and industry at the LCRI Annual Conference 2012, to describe the challenges of working in the marine environment and to explain Titan’s survey capabilities.

The knowledge exchange process is fundamental to the LCRI programme to enable strong relationships to be built between academia and the supply chain, in order that companies may be kept informed of industrial progress, collaborate on projects and position themselves for future opportunities.