Case Study

Tidal Energy Ltd

LCRI Marine studied the environmental effects of acoustic interaction between marine wildlife and a proposed marine renewable energy device at Ramsey Sound in Pembrokeshire.

LCRI Marine’s Merin Broudic from Swansea University working in collaboration with Tidal Energy Ltd undertook a project to monitor and analyse underwater background noise at the proposed deployment site for Tidal Energy’s marine renewable energy device.

As part of an important LCRI Marine underwater acoustic research project, Merin worked with the marine renewable energy industry to understand the potential acoustic interaction between marine wildlife and offshore construction, operation and decommissioning.

The project comprised of Merin undertaking recordings using the LCRI’s hydrophone equipment, which was deployed from a local survey vessels chartered from Robust Boats and Razorbill of Pembrokeshire. Data results have been analysed and provided to Tidal Energy for their Environmental Impact Assessment, and have also been used to form part of the on-going LCRI research project.